Reception services

Guiding service that opens doors for you. Experienced receptionists who welcome your customers, visitors and personnel.

One of you
Nothing is more effective than a competently staffed reception area, as this is normally the first place of contact for visitors, personnel, suppliers and service providers.
Your reception area is also part of the organisational tasks inside your company. A professionally organised reception area also means heightened security at the entrance to your facility.

Your advantage:
Sodexo works with you to develop tailored solutions for an optimum first impression. You will be impressed by our sophisticated services, efficient organisation and committed staff.

The first impression counts
With Sodexo reception services you are ideally prepared:

  • Hospitality – by displaying a polite demeanour, attentive gestures and an immaculate appearance
  • Integration – by incorporating reception services in your daily organisation and corporate philosophy
  • Up-to-dateness – by regularly synchronising all necessary information, contacts and appointments
  • Systematics – by standardising organisational procedures in manuals and regular training

Sodexo always conveys a sense of competence, friendly advice and personal attention at the reception desk.