Help desk

Spilt coffee, broken air conditioning, a conference room that needs to be ready in 20 minutes - the Sodexo help desk provides immediate and uncomplicated assistance. Competent staff coordinates all services required at your premises and supports you with concrete solutions – also in exceptional situations.

Optimally interfaced services  
As the central point of contact the Sodexo help desk provides a platform for cross-company organisation of all service-related processes. With the help desk you can always be sure of a solution for a wide range of requirements, for example for monitoring the operating status of your technical systems, following up error messages and booking special services.

Your advantage:
Sodexo works with you to elaborate a concept that coordinates all parties such as building users, customer contacts, service providers and sub-contractors in one communication network - either centrally or at your premises, depending on your requirements.

Simplicity and maximum flexibility means that you are always available for everyone:

  • Clarity – thanks to mandatory communication paths in all situations and escalation regulations for unusual situations
  • Systematisation – thanks to a process-oriented approach and the use of suitably scaled hardware and software
  • Competence – thanks to qualified help desk staff that are trained for your facilities and organisation
  • Traceability – by documentation of all events, statistical evaluations of ticket volumes and suggestions for improvement

No sooner said than done. Or ... no sooner written than done. Or ... no sooner clicked than done. There are many ways to reach the Sodexo help desk. But you only always get the same result – the right one!