Certified quality


GA-tec and its branch offices have more than 20 certificates, all aligned with the key activities of a leading system installer for building services and a facility management service provider. Quality assurance with verifiable processes, environmentally-friendly processes through to the smallest detail and project management that is geared to strict health and safety regulations – not only customers benefit from the resulting safety and added value potential.


Credit-worthiness is one of the central assets of any sound TBS partner. It is also required for operative reasons to be able to handle large-scale projects and to purchase expensive power units for the customer, for example. GA-tec assures this by means of a credit-worthiness certificate – the first company to do so in the economic region of Heidelberg. The commercial CrefoZert was issued in 2013 by Creditreform Heidelberg and renewed in 2014. It certifies the credit-worthiness of GA-tec Gebäude- und Anlagentechnik GmbH.


GA-tec attaches great importance to the competence and independence of its certifiers. TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH is the responsible certification authority and also performs external audits.It also tests GA-tec employees in compliance with the stringent SCC work safety standard. The aim of this voluntary commitment is clear - "zero accidents!"


GA-tec certifications (excerpts)

DIN EN ISO 14001
KTA 1401
DIN 14675
WHG § 19